The goal of the Education Ministry is to provide a diverse range of educational opportunities for all the members of our faith community.

Children/Youth Education

Our programs for children and youth continue to grow as we welcome more and more young families to our congregation.

The Sunday School program serves children from preschool through to Grade 7, while infant and toddler care is provided to children 2 years old and younger. The children in Sunday School are divided into three age groups: preschool/K (ages 3-5), Grades 1 to 3, and Grades 4-7. They partake in an age‑appropriate curriculum that is as wondrous as it is stimulating, embarking upon weekly adventures to discover the stories of the Bible. Other programs for children and youth are Gone Fishin’ for Grade 4 to 6 students, Youth Group for Grades 7 to 9, and a Young Adults group for Grade 10 and up.

Making Connections is our community program offered to parents and children aged 0-5 years every Friday morning. Children partake in an enriched music program with their parent or caregiver for 30 minutes, after which the children have supervised play and art time while their parent/caregiver explores parenting topics though discussion, guest speakers, videos, etc.

Adult Education

Several opportunities for Adult Education are offered throughout the year. These include adult bible study, Lenten lectures, and a Disciple course.