The 10:00 worship service is a celebration of God’s presence in our midst, and a place for all people to participate. Our adult choir (The Alleluia Singers) often sings, and once a month the Alleluia Ringers (our bellchoir) performs. We have several congregational hymns, usually accompanied by piano and/or organ, and drums. There is a time with children (called the “Word for All Ages” because it really includes everyone) and a sermon. Communion is celebrated roughly every 6 weeks.

Everyone is welcome – from a week old to a hundred and beyond! Children are invited to go to Sunday School approximately 15 minutes into the service, although they are welcome to stay in worship if they would prefer. No one minds an occasional cry, or comment, or wiggly child – we are all part of the family of God!

Because we do not want to confuse worship with fundraising, or make anyone feel uncomfortable, we do not pass an offering plate. Offering boxes are available for those who wish to contribute before or after the worship time, and we always have some time (with wonderful music) to reflect on all that God has done, and is doing, in our world.