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This New World

My family and I were away last week because the kids got off of school and Dave and I needed a break from work and such. At least, that’s how it felt when we drove out of dodge to hit Vancouver Island. When we came back, I found a new world. “Spring break” had become […]


Do you remember “random acts of kindness”? The movement that started in the 1980s that encouraged spontaneous kindness. Out of the COVID19 health crisis a new term has been coined, and a movement has started on social media, called “caremongering.” The goal of caremongering is to spread the opposite of panic in people, to bring […]

Fancy a wee blether?

Here’s how it works: I put a link to a “virtual meeting” giving you a time and day. (see below) — the link is the underlined part starting with “https:” You click on that link in your computer, tablet or (wifi-equipped) phone. Make sure you are connected to wifi if you are using a tablet […]