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Fear of Rest

https://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/533/fear-of-rest This is a piece published in a magazine I subscribe to called The Sun. During this time The Sun has lowered its paywall, that is, they are not charging anyone to read their content online. So I feel it’s ok to share it here. Click the link above to read a meditation on the […]

Let us Pray…

This is a familiar way we invite everyone to draw nearer and join your hearts in meditation for those we love and their healing. Sometimes we pray for people we do not know well, people we’ve never met. We are sending our energy out into their world so it can reach them in a healing […]

Where do I send my offering?

This questions wins, for most frequently emailed subject of the week! So thank you, to all of you, who have brought this important detail to my attention. Many of you have never sent mail to the church, so you don’t know the address, kind of like, you don’t know your cell phone number because you […]