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Curious to learn more about the work of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank?

~Debbie Hubbard The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is one of Canada’s leading food assistance organizations. Its mission is to end global hunger by supporting projects submitted by their 15 member agencies and by influencing public policies necessary to end hunger in the world. The United Church of Canada has been a long-standing member of the Foodgrains […]

The Gift of Self Care

~Elenore Wieler When my 23rd birthday arrived, I had a 2-month-old son, a husband and an incomplete education. I saw my life mapped out before me: get a teaching degree while raising a child and work on making a happy marriage. Early that April day I had my doubts about the last one. I did […]

Joint letter from the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada

The events taking place across North America in response to the murder of George Floyd have given all of us a stark reminder of the ongoing sin of racism in our communities. Centuries of anger at injustice and anti-Black racism are literally bursting into flames as people stand for political and cultural change to address […]

“Anthem” by Leonard Cohen

Submitted by Ralph Milton The birds they sang At the break of day Start again I heard them say Don’t dwell on what Has passed away Or what is yet to be Yeah the wars they will Be fought again The holy dove She will be caught again Bought and sold And bought again The […]

My COVID-19 reading list

~Sharon Wilson Thanks to my daughter’s kind gift of an e-reader several Christmases’ ago, I have been able to weather our current isolation with relative ease, at least as far as reading is concerned. I’m happy to curl up with a good or, only sort of good, book. My tastes run from Scandinavian Noir to […]

A Song in Your Brain

~Ralph Milton They call them ear worms. A song that lodges in a corner of your brain somewhere and refuses to be dislodged. The one I find cycling through my synapses is an Advent carol the choir has sung. “We Are Waiting,” in which the sopranos carry the tune and most of the words but […]

A Psalm of lament and praise in a time of coronavirus

~The Rev. Kenneth Howcroft How shall we praise you, Lord, our God? When we are locked down, how shall we praise you? When the doors to your house are barred, and your people cannot assemble? When those desperately in need of money and work cannot even wait in the market-place? When we have to circle […]