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A (True) Story

Finding a Brighter Perspective My mother has dementia and lives in Lethbridge at an assisted living residence. I used to call her at 7:30 every morning to talk her through getting dressed and downstairs in time for 8 am breakfast. Now I call at 8 to remind her not to go down but to wait […]

True Colours

Levi and I are currently reading the Diary of Anne Frank together. We’ve remarked several times about young Anne’s observation that you only truly know someone after a row with them. It’s easy to be all nicey nicey when things are good, but tough times brings out people’s true colours. (We’ve also been listening to […]

A Message from the New Board Chair, Tracy Leader

When I assumed the role of chair of the board of First United on March 1, little did I know, we as a church community, were headed to the place we are today.As the entire world struggles with the effects of COVID 19, we as a church, are adapting to an ever-changing landscape as we […]

Rev. Bob Wallace’s contract

Ministry and Personnel Committee (M & P) and the Board are happy to announce that Reverend Robert (Bob) Wallace’s contract is being extended for another year. M & P Committee recommended to the Board that Bob’s contract be extended until June 30, 2021. Originally when we looked at extending the contract we thought it would […]


The pictures were taken on Saturday and Sunday nights (March 28 & 29) at 7pm. for the whole story: https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/295805/Kelowna-RCMP-procession-shows-support-for-healthcare-workers


Here are two pictures of the hearts in our window. I love seeing them as they remind me of all my church family at First. And a picture of our grand puppy. His parents tell us he is our first “grandchild” ~Margaret Sichello

A Bad Memory Has Certain Advantages

The COVID tsunami has cancelled the women’s and men’s world curling championships. But no matter. The TV is showing us last year’s games, which I know I watched but which I don’t remember. So, it’s like looking at a whole new game.Bad memories and old TV programs are among the “blessings” of being in jail. […]

For those who are wondering “Where is God in this pandemic?”

God is in the physicians and healthcare workers who are pouring out everything they’ve got to save as many of us as possible. God is in the truck drivers and grocery store staff and pharmacy personnel who are making sure we have the essentials that we need during this difficult time. God is in the […]