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Outreach Update

~Cheryl Perry With the weather becoming warmer we have moved our operations into the sunshine and fresh air—placing a table across the doors at the back entrance and serving sandwiches and handing out bags of groceries from the vestibule between the doors. This now only requires two volunteers—one to handle sandwiches and another to hand […]

Children Are With Us

As one of our contemporary hymns, written by Jim Manley, invites us: “Come in, come in and sit down for you are a part of the family!” On Sunday mornings I usually log on around 9:45 and one of my favourite things is watching people enter worship which—when we are worshipping in the sanctuary—I rarely […]

The Great Fifty Years of Easter

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. You may already know that Easter is not simply one Sunday–but a whole season–sometimes referred to as “the Great 50 days of Easter.” But I meant to write 50 years because I turned 50 this year and, as I was thinking about it today, there probably hasn’t been an Easter […]

Tuesday/Thursday at First

We continue our 1-hour outreach hour where people are invited into the building one at a time. Those who have housing are offered a bag of groceries and those who are homeless are offered a “to go” bag with sandwich and juice and ready-to-eat items (granola bars, pull top applesauce & protein, oranges). Many thanks […]

Tuesday Morning At First

The help we can offer others through the trend of care-mongering can feel “like a hug” at a time when we can’t throw our arms around people. As I greeted people at the door on Tuesday and Thursday this week I asked: how are you? What’s your stress level like? Several admitted they felt very […]

Make Us Part Of Your New Routine

Just weeks ago few of us could have imagined that eating dinner out in a restaurant or hugging a close friend would feel like a luxury from a past life. What changes we’ve seen in the last weeks! Psychologists and mental health experts tell us that all this disruption can lead to feeling stressed and […]

A Word From Cheryl About Yesterday’s Outreach

We have scrambled to implement more changes to our process for doing outreach including having people come into the building one at a time where we offer a bag of groceries to those housed and a “to go” bag with sandwich and juice and ready-to-eat items (granola bars, pull top applesauce & protein, oranges) to […]