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The Vision of a Future Within

Sometimes things come in that say exactly what is needed, in ways I have never thought of – that’s the wonder of this highly communicative time in which we live. So, (with permission granted from the author, Cameron Trimble) here are some thoughts about where we are and where we might be going as we […]

Moving towards a new normal?

There is a part of this Sunday’s Gospel reading (John 20:19-31) that has resulted in one of the great tragedies of Christian history. Because of this “mis-translation” and others like it, we have turned possible fraternal relationships with sister—faiths into pogroms and persecutions…and those interpretations still abound today. I am speaking about anti-Semitism—and its twin […]

Keeping Vigil in the Shadows

There’s an old hymn, a favorite of many, that has as the opening line of its last verse “I take, O Cross, your shadow, for my abiding place.[1]” To abide in the shadow of the Cross – an image that may feel all too familiar these days as we self-isolate to protect ourselves and others […]

Thursday Thoughts – Journeying Towards the Cross and Easter

How’s your Latin? “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos.” Scholars suggest that the name for this special day and service comes from that Latin phrase, part of the Gospel of John for the night before Jesus had his “last” Supper and was later betrayed and arrested. As part of that evening’s […]

Everybody loves a parade!

Everybody loves a parade – at least that is what I am told! Yes, there are parades that are truly enjoyable – ones with lots of laughter and music and marching bands and… … you fill in the blanks. But there are other parades (that often go by different names) that are not so much […]