Amalgamation Proposal

Well there has been exploration and work around possible amalgamation for a year now.  As you know the Steering Team and Working Groups have been hard at work the last few months having conversations and gathering information from congregants and staff.  Tracy Leader and I want to thank those on the Working Groups for all their work to date.  Drum roll ………….The Amalgamation Proposal is now complete and a final copy is available to everyone and attached.  The Amalgamation Proposal, other documents completed by the Working Groups and the Exploration Proposal will be available on the church website.  

We will be setting up some Information Sessions in March to answer any questions you may have.  We will also be setting up a Congregational meeting late March to vote on accepting the Proposal.  

In the meantime if you have any questions about the Proposal or particular sections please feel free to reach out to:

Steering Team:

Tracy Leader: [email protected]

Tami McMurphy: [email protected]



Tanya Burke: [email protected]


Terry Welsh: [email protected]

250 868-0711

Worship and Music:

Elenore Wieler: [email protected]


Nikki Atwell: [email protected]


Community Ministry (Outreach):

Shirley Piedt: [email protected]


Susanne Marentette: [email protected]



Darlene Cockerill: [email protected]


John Whitehead: [email protected]

250 707-1381

Property and Investments:

Ernie Park: [email protected]

403 680-5655

Beryl Itani: [email protected]

250 763-7656

Finance and Budget:

Jodine Ducs: [email protected]

778 754-1669

Michel Marentette: [email protected]

604 365-1777

Intergenerational Ministry (Children, Youth and Families)

Suki Vernet: [email protected]


Joa Lazarus: [email protected]


Here you can find the document:

Transfiguration Sunday and Valentines Day , 2021 Service , with Rev. Bob Wallace and Rev. Cheryl Perry–oWJY/