Finding My Way Through These Days

~Bob Wallace

From time to time I find myself looking at meditative writings. One I recently returned to is a little book entitled Celtic Parables: Stories, Poems & Prayers. These short items were translated into English by Robert Van de Weyer, and the book was published in 1997 by SPCK, London. My edition came from/through Wood Lake Books.

One that struck me this week, and which I shared with the staff at our weekly meeting was entitled: Martha Being Mary.

We need people who search for the truth,
And we need people to proclaim it.
We need people who quietly contemplate God’s love,
And we need people to express it.
We need people who devote their lives to prayer,
And we need people to enact those prayers.
We need people who are free from all worldly ties,
And we need people to manage our affairs.
We need both Mary and Martha.
At times every Martha must become Mary,
And every Mary must become Martha.

For some reason those words gave me a sense of freedom – freedom to listen to the new rhythms of my body, to attend the new tasks of this pandemic-driven world; to acknowledge the time I need “apart from work” and the times I need to focus solely on the tasks of the day.

It also set me free from the guilt I sometimes have of only irregularly turning to the meditative writings.

In short, this brief reflection reminded me that faithful living is to embrace all sides of myself (and of other people’s selves!) because all is a gift from Creator-God.

Grace and peace,