Living the Dream

After singing last week’s anthem ‘Walking by Faith’ (featured in the June 21 worship, click link here), I wondered, when so many bad things happen, how can we continue to walk in faith despite the sadness, toil and danger? In my pondering, I was reminded of this story:

About 10 years before retirement, my husband Roland and I decided that a) we didn’t want to wait a decade before living the dream, and b) we weren’t likely to win the lottery anytime soon. So if we wanted to fulfill our longing for travel, we’d have to find another way.

This might not be the solution for everyone, but we sold our house that fall, moved into a small apartment and arranged with our employers for a 7 month leave, deciding there was lots of time to worry about reduced pensions later. Early the next spring, we landed in Athens, giddy as children. Teenagers with resources, we called ourselves. We were high on life! The very air was delicious!

We drank in the wonders of the ancient city, then packed for our ‘Elenore-led’ tour of the islands. I’d backpacked through Europe as a teen and wanted to show Roland all the beauties I’d discovered. We climbed aboard the crowded train to Piraeus, pockets stuffed with unwieldy Greek currency. Bodies pressed and jostled against and around us as the train lurched along, so we were glad to arrive at the final stop. Except…

Before we had totally exited the train, Roland said, “I think I’ve been pick-pocketed.”

Sure enough, his every pocket hung inside-out, empty. I’d felt uncomfortable by some of the shoving, and so, mid-ride, had pulled my small pack tightly to my chest. The good news – I’d been carrying the passports and half the money.

The bad news – all Roland’s identification, credit cards and portion of our cash was gone. It appeared they could get that close to his privates without his noticing!

~to be continued~

…tune in to Friday’s First Word for the conclusion of Elenore and Roland’s adventure…