Family Ties: Our Summer With The Ancestors!

~Bob Wallace

Genesis literally means “a coming into being”—and this Sunday we will continue to get better acquainted with the “First Family of Faith”—as we continue the story of Abraham and Sarah. This week, we hear God reiterate the promise to Abraham and Sarah that they shall be come the parents of a “great nation,” yet at the same time, we learn that the couple continues to age while not having any children.

The story is messy, and not always filled with easy to hear stories. But they are about our faith-ancestors, the ones we are told God chose to serve as foundational figures to three world religions. Dr. Eugene Peterson once wrote:

One of the remarkable characteristics of the biblical way of training us to understand history and our place in it is the absolute refusal to whitewash a single detail … The history in which our Scriptures show that God is involved is every bit as messy as the history reported by our mass media in which God is rarely mentioned apart from blasphemies. … God, it turns out, does not require good people in order to do good work. As one medieval saying has it, “God draws straight lines with a crooked stick.” (God) can and does work with us, whatever the moral and spiritual condition in which he finds us. God, we realize, does some of his best work using the most unlikely people.

(Eugene Peterson, Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2005), pp. 140-141.)

So come along this week and learn some more about these unique people – and maybe something about ourselves as well.

See you in Zoom-church!