Church Board Work Goes On

~Sue Sullivan

First United Church board has been meeting virtually since the building has closed. As congregational members are always welcome to sit in, I have attended several of these meetings and continue to be impressed with the work that goes on.

There is a new chair and a new treasurer who have quickly become comfortable with the various committees. The other members of the board, who are the chairs of the standing committees, appear to have adapted to this way of doing business They can discuss agenda items with the respect and attention that I have found throughout the different levels of church structures I have been a part of.

One the items brought forward several weeks ago was the newly written Memorandum of Agreement between Central Okanagan Refugee Committee and First United Church plus approval by Rutland United, Winfield United and St. Paul’s United.

Tom Kemp spent a lot of time drafting and writing it, and he and Jodine Ducs and I, as members of CORC, wanted First to have a formal document acknowledging the partnership between our groups. The Board spent time discussing the MOA and agreed that it was a good way to continue our support of world issues outside our own immediate circle.

Other agenda items, including support of staff and financial concerns and continuation of Outreach in its modified form, received the same thoughtful compassionate consideration.
For anyone who wonders what we are doing to keep Church without our building, I would suggest you sit in on the next Board meeting and feel the living Spirit for yourself.