Family Ties

~Cheryl Perry & Bob Wallace

Last Sunday we began the nearly six-month season of “Ordinary Time”, during which this year we move chronologically through Genesis, week after week.

In this context “Ordinary” doesn’t mean typical or humdrum – rather, it comes from the word “ordinal,” meaning “related to a series.”

Throughout the summer we will take an ordered, deliberate, step-by-step pilgrimage through the story of our ancestors in the faith.

We will explore “family ties”—those of the biblical families in Genesis: Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, twin brothers Jacob and Esau, sisters Leah and Rachel, ending with the well-known story of Joseph in Egypt.

?These stories are full of loving relationships, sibling rivalry, the death of parents and birth of children, family secrets, forgiveness and faith. They may remind us of our own family ties and struggles in relationships. And they hopefully remind us, too, that we are not perfect and yet God’s promises are for us as well.

Although the lectionary readings will move us chronologically through the stories in Genesis, much is left out of the lectionary, and we invite you to read that on your own as you wish – either in preparation for each Sunday or afterward. This Sunday we will be looking at the stories in Genesis Chapters 12-15.

Join us at 10AM this Sunday, as we begin to hear the story of Abraham and Sarah, the first biblical family to have their daily lives, their customs, and their life story described in detail.

Their story marks the transition from God’s promise in a general sense to care for all creation (in the earlier stories in Genesis of Adam and Eve and Noah) to God’s promise to care for a particular group of people. God chooses this family and covenants to be with them and their descendants forever.