Kelowna Area Churches Update

~Bob Wallace

Following up on our multi-United church gathering…

To continue to focus on next steps following the overwhelming multi-congregation response of “yes, let’s move forward with further exploration of how our local United Churches could work together”, a smaller working group is now in action.

The yet-to-be-named group includes the ministers as well as two or three congregation members from each church. The initial May 14 meeting focused on getting acquainted and creating a shared code of conduct for the group.

The June 4 meeting, facilitated by Allison Rennie, resulted in a draft of guiding principles for the group’s work which are currently being refined, as well as the creation of smaller subcommittees.

The smaller groups will spend a few weeks examining and creating proposals around some exploratory topics such as: I wonder what if we shared property or properties (real and financial)? I wonder what if we shared administrative functions and paid staffing? Or I wonder what if we share Ministry, worship and music?

Proposals will be shared back with the larger group members for comment, input and refinement at an end of June meeting. The group will meet again August 6.