The Gifts of the Spirit

Much has been spoken and written about a “new normal” to which we are returning. But on that first Christian Pentecost (for the celebration of a Pentecost existed prior to its adaptation by the Holy Spirit!) we are told that the Spirit of the Holy One arrived in the midst of a fractured and uncertain group of followers of Jesus – and transformed them into history-changing voices…by the power of the gifts of the Spirit. [You can read one of the stories of the gifts given at this link: 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13).

In another of Paul’s letters, Galatians 5:19-26, we hear that the gifts of the Spirit which empowered the disciples are just the opposite of the values enshrined in our contemporary culture. Our contemporary news stories and social media postings remind us of how very different these values are from the practices of far too many people around the globe.

Perhaps it is time to stop thinking of a return to a new normal and instead think about how we might, as contemporary Christians, begin to influence the world to live by the gifts of the Spirit rather than the violence and abusive patterns of what has, for far too long, been named “normal!’

Let us become change agents in our day and age, that there might indeed become something NEW to the ways we live and relate to one another.

Grace and peace,

~Bob Wallace