Moving, masks, flybys and thanks

Photo by Graham Zell

This weekend Bob and I are returning home to Coaldale to pick up a load of furniture that he is taking from our house to furnish a two bedroom apartment that he will be renting here in a Kelowna for the next year. He has discovered that producing an online Zoom worship service and doing all of the Zoom meetings that he has to do require more space than he has here. And we hope that the weather stays nice for the journey, and that the floods and snowstorms stay away.

But before we leave after the Church service on Sunday, I wanted to thank everybody at First for the warm welcome I have received from everyone when I jumped into my car on March 18th and quickly drove over here to be with Bob as you all were going into lockdown. I wanted to be with him as he set out on the uncertain seas of the newly minted Zoom church services that he has been technically shepherding your way. All with the help of your fantastically gifted Church Staff and all of the super talented volunteers.

Everyone was so helpful to put together the services at the high holy time of Easter. And I appreciated being included in bringing the services to you. I will always cherish my five minutes of being a recording star as I was a part of the virtual choir on Easter Sunday, and helping with other parts of services have made me feel truly welcomed. But I hope that I never see that grumpy old woman impersonating me in that skit on Palm Sunday morning again! And your Blethers and the Staff Tailgate Party, safely social distanced in the park, and hymnsings have been wonderful. And thanks to Susan Sullivan for sewing masks for Bob and me!

I also wanted you all to know that I, too have enjoyed seeing the animals in Kelowna while I have been here, from watching the bird wars on the condo roof across from us as the Crows and the Magpies tried to settle who would be in control of the lookout point, to watching about fifty ducks follow each other one by one across a busy intersection here. And Bob and I watched with interest as a Great Grey Heron looked for goldfish in the pond in our Courtyard here. And we saw a large herd of mountain goats on the highway across the lake as we were going up to the Okanagan Resort where Bob had ordered a take out Mother’s Day brunch for my Mother’s Day treat. And of course the Eagles and the Ospreys have been fun to watch as they do their flybys!

So I have been made to feel really welcomed here. And my hat’s off to your Health people and your first responders. Shortly after I arrived here, I suddenly experienced swelling and tenderness in the glands on the right side of my neck. When I was having difficulty swallowing that afternoon, I called your Health Link, and after an understandably long wait, finally a very knowledgeable and comforting nurse came online to tell me—after questioning me— that I did not have COVID, thank heavens. He didn’t know what I had—it was SOV (some other virus)—but he told me to use hot water compresses on my neck. And I was to take Ibupropfen and to stay in quarantine for ten days, which I did, and my neck got better. So your health care people here are great!

After we get Bob moved here again, I will probably head home to babysit our house, but I have had a wonderful time here. And I’m going to paint little rocks and put them by the walkways in Coaldale.

~Sarah Wallace