Memories light the corners of my mind misty water-colored memories of the way we were…

Beryl Itani. Photo courtesy of Ralph Milton.

Over the last several weeks I have been listening to music. I have over 100 CDs and so I started at the top of the stack and I am working my way down. The lines of this song quoted above (sung by my favorite female singer of all time Barbra Steisand) started me remembering why music is so important to me.

Music has always been in my life. I can remember my grandfather with his big booming tenor voice keeping us all entertained. When I turned 7 my life changed, when my Mom remarried and I finally was like all the other children in my class – I had a Dad!! And from then on music was a part of our daily life.

Dad was a violinist and played with the Edmonton Symphony and its many subsidiary groups. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to all the concerts, operettas, Ice Capades, and had the best seats in the house.

At home Dad has us all taking part in the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan. What fun that was. I was able to sing in our church’s youth choir. What a great experience that was and I was fortunate enough to be picked by the School District’s Music Program to part of several on air singing events. It was great. I was also chosen to be part of our school’s music program and was involved in many city wide musical productions.

I find music to be very soothing and I have an amazing collection of music from ABBA to Madame Butterfly. When I have finished going through my CDs I can then start on my over 100 Vinyl records. I wonder if I will get through them all before this Pandemic is all over and we get back to “the way we were”.

~Beryl Itani