The Good Ship Zoom

As a single retiree I spend a great deal of time on my own. I have always stocked up on food to reduce unnecessary time spent in grocery stores. I am able to entertain myself with reading. Knitting, swimming laps, meditative walks, crossword puzzles, and such… So the Covid-19 lockdown in many ways is not a hardship to me.

But, in fact, the presence of a lethal virus and the lack of contact with family and friends and an outer world, is an intense discipline.

Additionally the water pipes burst in the condo upstairs flooding my furnace and water heater room. We are in the middle of extensive restorations. I am camping in my spare room with all my bedroom furniture propped up in various corners and spaces. I feel like a sailor afloat in a strange sea.

Fortunately I have been rescued by the good ship ZOOM. Anchored in a safe haven, The First United Church, the video casts and daily news is helping me ride the waves. The prayers and songs and spirit of goodness and love is calling me to weather the storm.

Good health and smooth sailing to all of us.

“The temple is the haven in the flux of life, accessible to all”
-Michael Ondaatje

~Catherine Doherty