No More Waiting?

by Elenore Wieler

The waiting is over. Christ is risen.

“Wait, what? No more waiting? Are you crazy? Easter is just one day. When the chocolate’s gone, it’s back to reality.”

In reality, Christ is risen. All will be well. We are saved.

“Saved from waiting? I’m waiting to get my job back. I’m waiting for these darn kids to go back to school. I’m waiting for this cursed isolation to end.”

End the waiting. Be still and know.

“You really are nuts. I need to hear the news. Okay it’s the same stuff over and over but the tv is on all day, my cell keeps beeping with more scary tweets, my kids cry because they don’t know how to do their homework, not to mention they keep begging me to let their friends come over. It’s crazy noisy so how am I supposed to find stillness?”

You don’t need to find it. Easter’s promise is that the Christ-light is right inside you.

“Inside me? I’ll tell you what’s inside me. Worry about how I’m going to pay the bills. Anxiety that we’ll catch this thing going around. Terror that the world will never get back to some kind of normal.”

Take a moment and pause. As you feel the risen Christ within, look around you.

“Huh? Okay, for once the kids are eating their cereal without killing each other. They actually look kind of cute.”

As you feel the Light, keep looking. What else?

“Well, I went shopping yesterday and I see the pantry’s stocked for now. And, okay, with all the time we’ve had, we did a big clean and the house looks pretty good.”

And outside?

(Pause while remote located and television powered off.)

“Right now the sun is shining, trees are a little greener after the rain, and the robins are back. I actually took the kids for a tour of our yard yesterday and we found crocuses popping up where we planted bulbs last year.”

(Pause while cell phone put on mute.)

“Now that I think about it, things aren’t so-o-o-o bad for us.”

(Pause, listening…)

“Hey kids, I just had an idea. How about we colour some hearts to put in the window as a ‘Thank You!’ to essential workers?

Then maybe we can bike over to Grandma’s and wave at her and Grandpa from the sidewalk so they aren’t so lonely.

But only after we call that support line to get you some help with your homework…

You know what? Now that I think about it, no more waiting! Let’s make a list of things we appreciate right now.”