The Great Fifty Years of Easter

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. You may already know that Easter is not simply one Sunday–but a whole season–sometimes referred to as “the Great 50 days of Easter.”

But I meant to write 50 years because I turned 50 this year and, as I was thinking about it today, there probably hasn’t been an Easter in those 50 years when I didn’t go to church! I grew up in a church-going family and both my parents were ministers, so this is probably not so hard to believe. And as a minister now myself, Holy Week and Easter weekend are usually a pretty busy time for me with extra services to prepare for and lead. Last Thursday night we had about a dozen congregants join our family table—from a social distance via Zoom—for a Maundy Thursday meal and worship service.

Stay with us, O Lord Jesus Christ,
night will soon fall.
Then stay with us, O Lord Jesus Christ,
light in our darkness.

These words Frances Chiasson sang as part of the service, helped us all reflect on the place we find ourselves—keeping vigil as a community of faith at a time when we cannot gather, when there is much fear and uncertainty about “what next.” Finding myself unable to worship in a church building and gather with all of you has been both difficult and profoundly moving as I meditated on Holy Saturday, the day “in between” the darkness of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday.

I hope your Easter weekend was full of beauty and celebration, if in a different way than usual, and may you encounter the Risen Christ again and again in these next 50 days!

Until we worship together again,