Where do I send my offering?

This questions wins, for most frequently emailed subject of the week! So thank you, to all of you, who have brought this important detail to my attention. Many of you have never sent mail to the church, so you don’t know the address, kind of like, you don’t know your cell phone number because you never call yourself (?!)

Canada Post is holding our mail at the main depot and not devlivering it to the church for the time being. I pick it up on Tuesdays and make sure invoices get to Alison, the bookeeper (yes, the bills keep coming!) and the offering envelopes to Jodine Ducs, envelope steward. We will deposit offering to the bank once a week, on Thursdays.

Our mailing address is: First United Church, 721 Bernard Ave. Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P6.

We really appreciate your blessings and and thank you for your support of the ministry of First United church.

~Tanya Pritchard, adminstrator