True Colours

Levi and I are currently reading the Diary of Anne Frank together. We’ve remarked several times about young Anne’s observation that you only truly know someone after a row with them. It’s easy to be all nicey nicey when things are good, but tough times brings out people’s true colours. (We’ve also been listening to Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”!)

I tucked into the church office this week (after thoroughly sanitizing my hands before and after) to attend to some requests regarding donations and taxes. I was so humbled to find the offering plate overflowing with mail. Our congregants, in these toughest of times, are still giving generously! Some have switched over to PAR, others are giving on, some have mailed in postdated cheques, some have given an entire year’s worth – knowing the church is especially vulnerable right now.

The generosity brought me to tears. These are indeed scary and uncomfortable times..but our church community is showing their true colours…and they are brilliant, iridescent and breath taking! Having lived up North for several years, I can’t help but think of the Aurora Borealis….

Though the night is dark, brilliance is shining and dancing in the skies.

First United is still together, still strong, and still loving and generous!

As we carry on with the work of the church, thank you for the support of your offerings!

Please call or email me if you would like assistance with or setting up PAR.
778-754-1669 or [email protected]

God Bless!

~Jodine Ducs, Envelope steward