Tuesday Morning At First

The help we can offer others through the trend of care-mongering can feel “like a hug” at a time when we can’t throw our arms around people. As I greeted people at the door on Tuesday and Thursday this week I asked: how are you? What’s your stress level like? Several admitted they felt very anxious. One man had tears in his eyes. I offered a prayer shawl, knitted by women in our congregation, when it felt appropriate and those who received them seemed genuinely touched and comforted. It reminded me of the words from the prayer Bob shared last week, written by the Corrymeela Community in Ireland:

Remind us, that to be a community, does not always mean
to be physically present beside those we know well.
It also can mean being spiritually present
with those who feel very alone.

If any of you shop at Lakeview Market or wants to support a very local family-owned business I have learned they are accepting orders by email at [email protected] and will call you for pick up. They have donated 1,000 plastic bags to bag up our groceries for Tuesdays & Thursdays so we love ‘em! ??

And through Harvest, a not-for-profit that helps restaurants donate food to charities, we got a one-time donation from the KFC/Taco Bell in Orchard Park Mall (shredded cheese, mayonnaise, taco shells). A donation has also come from Building Blocks, the daycare Rachel Anweiler works for—applesauce, goldfish crackers and soups we can distribute on Tuesday and Thursday.

It’s been like manna from heaven!!! ??

~Cheryl Perry