For those who are wondering “Where is God in this pandemic?”

God is in the physicians and healthcare workers who are pouring out everything they’ve got to save as many of us as possible. God is in the truck drivers and grocery store staff and pharmacy personnel who are making sure we have the essentials that we need during this difficult time.

God is in the statisticians who are pointing out how grave and dire the circumstance of exponential spread really is. God is in that Target store manager who calmly and civilly prevented people from succumbing to their reptilian lower selves and buying more than their allotted purchases.

God is in the people who wipe down all of the door handles and light switches and grocery carts and all of the things to help reduce exposure to this virus. God is in corporations like Starbucks that are ensuring that all of their staff are paid during this difficult time.

God is in the experts who bravely correct the copious untruthitudes spewed by our denier in chief. God is in the growing number of citizens who get it and are choosing to hole up and isolate from society to help flatten the spread and protect the most vulnerable in our society. God is in the governors who are stepping up and providing the leadership that is needed that is lacking from further above.

God is in the musicians and artists who are providing videos and concerts online for people to enjoy. God is in the families experiencing some growth by having more time together. God is in those who are concerned about college students who are gay or trans and abused domestic partners who are in increasingly unsafe situations by coming back home.

God is in the churches, mosques, temples and synagogues that are offering their services online. God is in every one of us who is realizing that every precious moment every new now really does matter and who expresses that through making phone calls actual phone calls to the people they love reminding them that they matter.

And God is in this collective wake up call reminding us that there is a better way, that we have the ability to rise to occasions and meet demanding needs, that we can do what needs to be done to make this planet sustainable. Inviting us to a needed societal reset. Inviting us to the year of Jubilee.

~Rev. Roger Wolsey (an American minister)

(ed. submitted by a family member of Cheryl Perry’s)