Where Are The First United Church Staff?

In case you are wondering, as I’m sure many of you are, here is an update on how to access the First United Church Team. Even though our Church building has been closed, our staff is available and accessible in a new and different way – they have moved to remote and virtual services. What does this mean? No more dropping in to do your Church business or connect with Team members in person.

Our Ministers, Bob and Cheryl, are working from their homes but can be reached on their cell phones or through email (as noted at the top of First Word). The only activity still happening at the Church building is a modified food shelf on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for an hour. Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s Provincial Health Officer, has stated that it’s important during this pandemic to continue feeding the people who need to be fed. She stated that this can only be done if the social distancing and sanitization requirements are adhered to. In this case, it is our understanding that our food shelf is considered an essential service. If you want to continue to donate food to the food shelf, please contact Cheryl; she will make the necessary arrangements to receive your donations in a safe manner.

Tanya continues her administration duties from her home. She is also publishing the First Word on a daily basis. She will be checking for phone messages, receiving emails, and all mail is being redirected to her home. If you have Church business that needs to be attended to and/or not sure who to contact, leave a message for Tanya at the Church number or email her at [email protected]

Frances and Jessica are both working from their homes. They provide a unique set of skills and access to technology which provides support and new ideas for our Ministers to conduct virtual worship and services. They’re finding creative ways to keep you connected to our music ministry while you stay at home.

Rachel’s assisting Cheryl from her home. Plans are underway to support and connect with the children and youth of our congregation while they’re self-isolated. Hopefully not exhausting their parents with their boundless energy!

Mahmut and Fikrije continue a daily routine of checking on the building to ensure things are safe and functioning. They’re also keeping things clean and sanitized since the staff occasionally need to come in for urgent matters.

Alison is predominately working from her home, attending to Church books/accounting and making necessary payments. Occasionally she may have to go into the office. If you have a request for a payment, you will need to email the requisition form (Tanya has an electronic copy of this form if needed) and a picture of the receipt to Alison at ([email protected]) or Tanya, or mail it to the Church address. Please do NOT drop anything off at the Church.

During this difficult and challenging time we continue to explore creative ways to keep you connected as a Church family. Our goal is to keep our Team in place in order to provide the support and spiritual care you need. Our priority is that everyone will be working and worshipping in a safe and healthy environment. Remember – be safe and be kind. You are not alone. We are in this together!!

~Tami McMurphy
Ministry & Personnel Chair