News from El Triunfo

This came from our sister community on the 40th Anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero’s assassination (March 24, 1980). Because the annual international March in San Salvador was cancelled, the young people had a “virtual” celebration in his honour. ~Pat McPhee

From Adonay (one of First’s scholarship students)

Thank you very much for your message, it’s very important for us to know how you’re doing in this situation, and we are glad that your government, ours, and many more are helping with these measures that are so important for the health of all.

Here in El Salvador, two days ago the government imposed new emergency restrictions. Now there is a “Home quarantine”, which is to say, no one can leave their homes for 30 days, only one person per family is allowed to shop for groceries in supermarkets, two days a week. Those who leave their houses without justification may be taken to “quarantine,” meaning, far from their houses in shelters to wait out the remainder of the 30 days, near others possibly contagious with this disease.

For us, the new measures are very good to fight the virus, but also are affecting our studies, because now we cannot go to the parish to use the internet. The solution that we have found is to use internet through our phones, and thanks be to God this solution has helped us. Even though we now pay more to use the internet, we know that it is very necessary in this situation.

We’re glad that you liked our letters, and that you’ve displayed them in your church. We also appreciate the greetings you send to our families & friends.

For me I think that Romero is very important in these days of emergency, because with much wisdom Romero invites us to solidarity, peace, organization, to love with each other, to live and to share as sisters and brothers in this world full of social problems.

Thanks for your love and kindness, thanks for always thinking of us; we think of you frequently and your country that’s being affected by this virus.


Greetings to all.
Adonay Ernesto Miranda Rodezno