This New World

My family and I were away last week because the kids got off of school and Dave and I needed a break from work and such. At least, that’s how it felt when we drove out of dodge to hit Vancouver Island. When we came back, I found a new world. “Spring break” had become a misnomer and our workplaces preferred we stay away.

I needed help understanding this new world so I hit up all my extended family members; I called my sister but she didn’t return my voicemail. My mother in law in Cape Breton informed me that I will likely likely catch Covid 19. My brother texted “our kids will just have to deal with not seeing their friends because it’s for their safety”. With family like this…?, I thought. Where is my comfort?

But then I attended an online Blether yesterday. It was great. We laughed, I cried; so, you know, a typical gathering among church family. It felt good to “talk our language” with 13 other First people, grappling with this new world. It reminded me of what we have and what will sustain us; each other.

Something a wise counselor told me 18 years ago that I try to live up to is “relationship first”. That means, don’t let negative emotions like anger (parenting!), resentment (siblings!), fear (pandemics!) get in the way of your relationships with the people you love. Relationship first. Think about how you care for those people and then put the negative emotion aside so you can see the relationship clearly for what it is, something worth patiently working on.

As I look ahead to a few online church gatherings I will have in the next few days, a staff meeting, a board meeting, Worship core ministry and a blether, I will keep “relationship first” top of mind because our relationships will get us through in this new world. Thanks be to God.

~Tanya Pritchard