2020 Stewardship Campaign

What does “stewardship campaign” mean?

Once a year, usually in October, First United Church launches a Stewardship Campaign. While the Finance Committee has worked on many campaigns and understands what it means and what is involved, not everybody knows what is meant by the term “stewardship campaign”.

“Stewardship” is defined as “the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property. The Biblical meaning of stewardship involves a theological belief that we are responsible for the world and must take care of it – through our time, labour and financial resources. At First United Church, we believe stewardship means formally committing to giving gifts of time, labour and financial resources to support the work of our church – both for the congregants and the wider community.

So as our campaign approaches we ask that you seriously consider what you can give. May we offer a couple of suggestions for gifts of time – Pastoral Care and Christian Education badly need your help. If you are a snowbird, commit to help either of these core ministries for the time that you are here. All gifts gratefully received.

First United needs your help!