The Isabel Leitch UCW recently threw a surprise wedding shower for Donald and Kevin. While they aren’t getting married until later in April, the UCW decided to grab the opportunity to invite them to come and talk about their recent trip to Korea. But when they walked into Room 14, they discovered much more: balloons, a cake, a beautiful quilt, and even a surprise visit from Donald’s parents. His mum later remarked that it was the “first time he’s been speechless in many years.”

Cathie Cole presented them with a gift on behalf of the group, of a beautiful quilt she had made. Everyone enjoyed sandwiches, cake, and other goodies – as well as some slides of Korea! They plan to marry April 21 in the chapel at Naramata Centre.

Cathie Cole (hidden by the quilt) presents Donald and Kevin with an amazing quilt she had made that depicts stained glass windows.

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